Amrit Manthan

In the Hindu scriptures, there is a famous story known as Amrit Manthan.

Once upon a time, Indra, leader of all the demigods lost all their wealth and strength. This incident disrupted the functioning of the world as a whole. To bring balance to the universe, Lord Vishnu advised the demigods to churn the cosmic ocean under which all their powers and wealth were hidden. But it was only possible if they worked with the Asuras- the devils. The Asuras were promised some portion of the wealth and power to gain their trust. Both the parties were mainly interested in Amrit (the divine syrup that would make you immortal).

After a lot of talks and negotiations, the churning of the cosmic ocean finally started. It yielded some of the precious gems, wealth, and powers, which were equally divided between Devas and Asuras. Both the parties were still waiting for the Amrit. Suddenly the ocean started yielding Halahala poison. This poison was strong enough to burn everything. At this point, Lord Shiva came to rescue Devas and Asuras and consumed the poison himself.

After all of this, the ocean finally yielded the Amrit.

All such stories in any scripture of any religion are meant to send a message to society. What according to you could be the message of this story?

The process of growth and attaining wealth, knowledge, and power requires churning oneself. This process will initially show some positive results which will be recognized by society. Further churning up oneself will open up old wounds and the negativities which are hidden deep within us that are slowly but constantly mixing poison in our thought process and belief because of which we attract troubles and more negativity.
If you are dedicated enough and continue the process of churning, the universe will send help that will help you deal with your negativity.

Further churning oneself will bring out your true self.

Let me know your views on this.