The most dangerous person

“The most dangerous person is the one who listens, thinks and observes”- Billionairesmotivation

There is a very famous saying, ‘God has given us 2 ears and 1 mouth which means a person is supposed to listen more than he speaks.

Often we perceive a well-spoken person to be well versed as well. As a result, we try to showcase every bit of knowledge we have to be perceived as a well-versed person. But is that always useful?

Think about it!

In reality, when you are expressing all of your knowledge and skillset at once, you are expressing all your strengths and weakness. You become very predictable for the other person. In the game of life, this can end up leading you towards failure.

A person who listens thinks and observes is a person who will first analyze the situation properly, understand every aspect of it, gain whatever knowledge he could gain from another person, and speak where it is required.

This does not mean that we should not at all express our knowledge. To grow, we all have to do that. It just means that we need to be very careful about what we speak and where it is spoken. Foreseeing all the consequences that a conversation could have is the key.

Sometimes, the real smartness lies in hiding that you are smart.

2 thoughts on “The most dangerous person

  1. Sruti, this reminds me of a visit to a restaurant in the Netherlands. I greeted the waiter with the one word I knew in Dutch and received the Dutch menu, which was totally useless to me! 🙂
    By heeding your wise advice, we may avoid awkward and embarrassing situations. Nobody loves a braggart anyway! Have a great weekend! ❤

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    1. This small incident actually says a lot Cheryl. You are right nobody likes a braggart. It is always better to be genuine and always be open for learning and showing. Glad you like it. Enjoy your weekend❤


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