World is a Mirror

When we visit a movie theatre, we first get seated facing a blank screen. Suddenly a projection hits the white screen and plays an entire movie that makes us feel happy, sad, thrilled, amazed, and sometimes horrified. After the movie ends, all that is left is a blank, white screen.


Similarly, the world around us is like a white screen on which we project our thoughts and actions. Just like when we look in a mirror, we see our reflection, similarly, when we see around, we see our mind’s reflection. If you look around and only notice the faults in other people, it is probably because your mind has traces of those faults.

What does this mean?

It means that we can spend an entire lifetime trying to bring a positive change in society by criticizing the powerful people but it won’t yield a result unless there is a change in the mindset of so-called weak people. Every crime or social injustice involves two parties: one who is committing the crime, the other against whom the crime is committed. Whenever we raise our voice against any social injustice, we need to make sure, we not just only criticize the powerful but also help the victim get over their weak mindset.

This principle applies in our daily life too. For any change we want in our lives, we should first work on our mindsets. The external environment will automatically take care of itself.

Let me know your views on this.