Dealing with Success and Failure

Success should not go to your head and failure should not be left in your heart


Our life is like a journey where different situations represent different stations where you either pick up success or failure from your experiences. This is general for everybody. All our lives are made up of small successes and failures.

Notice how people react to success and failures. After a series of successes, a person generally becomes arrogant and overconfident. Consequently, his sense of reasoning is overpowered by a sense of pride. Soon after this, he makes a mistake and encounters a failure. Similarly, when a person encounters a failure in life, he takes it personally and refrains from putting in any further effort. He loses his confidence. As a result, all his actions are mixed with emotions of self-doubt and negativity and he never gets results as per his true potential. This becomes a never-ending loop.

Success and failures have different roles to play and have to be dealt with in different ways. They both are as temporary as passing winds. Success is meant to motivate us to move forward and assures us that we are on the right track, similarly, failures are meant to alert and warn us about the wrong choices. Ultimately, they both are our good wishers. These should never be taken personally and should only be considered as the advice of the universe on our efforts; advice that makes us a better version of ourselves.

Take the advice, improve yourself, and let go of both success and failure.

Let me know your views on this.