Be careful what you complain about

“Complaining about others is often an admission of one’s own incompetence”


Have you ever heard a news debate or a parliament discussion? Well, there never is a discussion, they always end up arguing. They start pointing fingers at each other. Did you ever see such a debate coming to a constructive conclusion?

Most of the time they don’t.

A person who is completely dedicated to working, growth, and responsibilities will always try to understand his drawback before other people. He will work on himself first before blaming the circumstances of his peers. Such a person, over some time, develops his skill set and leadership qualities and motivates others by setting an example in front of them.

When a person is not completely dedicated to working, his responsibilities, or, is incompetent to take responsibility will try hard to blame other people to stop people from noticing their incompetence. They will not answer any questions regarding their failures; instead, they will put forth counter questions about somebody else’s failure, unaware of the fact that this attempt itself is a sign of their incompetence.

Remember one thing, if you are going through troubles, other people will not change for your convenience. You have to take charge of your life and make the required changes. The process of complaining will never end. It is a sign that your life is in somebody else’s hands.

Do you want that?

Let me know your views on this.