Things happen for you

Things happen for you

Ever since you gained consciousness and understanding of the external world, you were made to believe that you are a victim. Everything that happens influences you. Mostly these influences are perceived negatively.

But ask yourself. Is that true?

Are you a victim?

Now, wait!

Before you rush into any conclusion, let’s try another approach. What if everything is happening for you?

Every human being is a thoughtful and mindful manifestation of cosmic energy to accomplish a purpose. A purpose which can be fulfilled only by a person of your personality. That purpose of life is rooted deep within your subconscious mind which is attracting everything towards you and guiding you through it.

It is for sure that you were not born with the required personality; you were only born with the purpose in your subconscious mind. You are meant to be shaped by your life instances to become the person who is strong and skilled enough to fulfill the purpose of life. Nothing is happening to you. Everything is happening for you. These changes are wanted and attracted by you. They clear your blockages and pave way for you to fulfill the purpose of your existence and attain peace.

Unfortunately, the belief of being a victim than a fighter is slowing down your growth and distracting you from your goals. Even a lion that is brought up in a circus remains unaware of its true powers all its life. Similarly, your belief of being weak keeps you trapped in an illusion of being weak. You don’t appreciate the positive changes your problems are bringing in you and therefore, you fail to achieve the purpose for which you manifested.

Think about it. What are your problems, concerns, and passion pointing to? What is it for which the cosmic energy manifested in your form?
Let me know your views on this.

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  1. Sruti, although I may differ with you about the concepts of destiny and cosmic energy, I certainly agree with the practical applications you have suggested. May be just a difference in semantics. Anyway, it’s a helpful post.

    All the best! Cheryl

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