Being a follower

To save one life is like saving all humanity”- Quran 5:32

I was listening to ‘ Bangalore Violence 2020’- by Dhruv Rathi on youtube in which he talked about the intolerance shown by the mob in Bangalore when a Facebook post went viral. It’s not the first time our country has witnessed intolerance. Various communities have used violence as a means of expression of their anger. But there was also a section of this community that was busy protecting the temples from this violent mob. I consider this section of people as true believers and followers of their faith and not the violent mob.

Every person on this earth is driven by inspiration. This may be a celebrity, leader, or, faith. We all follow or believe in their ideologies. Even those who don’t believe in God are driven by some belief system that they follow.

But what does it mean when we claim to be a follower? Is it just admiring them or, understanding, propagating, and implementing those ideologies in our lives?

In his video, Dhruv Rathi had a conversation with a Muslim social influencer, Wali Rahmani, who expressed this very beautifully.

When we follow a religion and believe in it, we live by the teachings of that religion. In every situation we come across, we should ask ourselves- what a true believer would do. For that, we need to understand the real intention behind whatever is said in our religion. Every religion that our society knows of preaches loves for God and humanity, forgiveness, righteousness, social service, and respecting others. If we claim to be a true follower of any religion, we should hold on to these principles firmly as they form the foundation of our belief system. All our acts should be dedicated to and for these principles. Compromising these to defeat others or to satisfy our ego and anger, is insulting one’s belief system.

For any faith or belief, a person who doesn’t believe in it or speaks ill of it is not the real problem. A real problem is a person who claims to be a follower but propagates and practices the exact opposite of it. He degrades and portrays the wrong image of the faith.

Ask yourself, are you a true follower?

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  1. Sruti, No one is perfect, but some people make no attempt to do the right thing. They are the ones who give their religion a bad name.

    I am a humanist with ethical principles and an interest in and respect for all religious traditions. I try to live by the “Golden Rule,” which is a universal principle of religion. I do my best to live by my principles, and I respect all who sincerely follow what they profess to believe.

    I was raised Christian, married a Jew, and taught for four years as a secular teacher in an Islamic school.

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    1. Your ideology is something that this world badly needs at this point. Often we close our minds with the limitations of religion whereas the purpose to religion is to liberate us. It really feels good when all communities walk hand in hand for the betterment of society as that is the only goal of all religions.

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