Seeds of Reality

Nothing happens until first a dream”- Carl Sandburg

When I was a kid I always wondered how this world came into existence and what will happen to all of us after this world is destroyed. The mere thought that at some point people stop existing made me very uncomfortable. Slowly and gradually, while growing up, I found spiritually. The more I understood, the more questions I had and the more I studied. One concept that amazed me the most was that the entire universe, living and non-living, is merely a dream of higher intelligence. This higher intelligence that we recognize as God is cosmic energy, the only thing that exists. With the power of thought, this energy takes different forms, i.e., it manifests itself into a physical form. This also means that all the people and things, we love or hate are a manifestation of this energy. The difference in identities is merely an illusion created by the ego. 

Though realizing this would take time and effort, what we can infer from this is that we are a part of that energy and also possess the same properties, the same way that a drop of water has the same properties as that of an ocean. But our ignorance and ego are creating an illusion of separation and difference which makes us feel weak. Therefore, our thoughts and firm decisions are more powerful than we think. Everything that we see is a result of a dream and a firm decision. Our thoughts and dreams make us and the society we live in.

We are not a consequence or a victim, as a society, we are creators. As a member of this society, commit yourself towards one change that will add to the betterment of society. If each of us just picks up one issue and do our part, we will recreate heaven on earth. Ask yourself, what the higher intelligence wanted to achieve when it manifested in your form?

Let me know your views on this.

8 thoughts on “Seeds of Reality

  1. Hi Sruti – Very interesting perspective. The whole concept of consciousness really fascinates me. The idea that we have no definitive way of determining whether or not our reality – our collective realities is actually real – or simply a projection of our consciousness. Given that absolutely everything is an interpretation of the mind, one could argue that nothing is real – how do you know? Everything could well be imagined. It could be that it’s all a dream and all there really is at the end of it all is consciousness.

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    1. You have beautifully described it. Consciousness is like a white cloth on which the movie like life is projected. All that we see is a illusion. I first read it in Bhagavad Puran and it has made life really easy for me

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  2. We are a part of this intelligence as much as it is a part of us. Understanding that everything is connected, and one opens a new dimension to life. Allows one to see with clarity, find purpose through understanding self. I agree with your thoughts. Very enlightening

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  3. Sruti, I have always found ideas about what God is fascinating! I think my ideas are something along the same lines as those stated in this article.

    Although good and evil are subjective concepts, I think everyone has some sense of this. What is often referred to as conscience is part of being human. I believe that if we live by this inner voice, we will be at peace. If we suppress it, we will live in chaos.

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    1. I totally agree with this. Conscience according to me is the voice of God guiding us through the chaos. The more submissive you are, more clearly you will be able to hear it. This approach has helped me alot

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