Feminism and Equality

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise ’- Dorothy Dandridge

The word ‘Feminism’ has been on the frontline of trending issues for a long time now. In recent years, we have been witnessing various aspects of feminism such as the crimes against womankind, and, ‘feminism’ being used in the wrong way, etc.

Literally ‘Feminism’ means the advocacy of woman’s rights on the grounds of equality of sexes. The word ‘equality’ plays a major role here which has been argued upon for a long time now. There is clearly a difference; some argue it to be due to the culture established by a male-dominated society whereas some argue it to be due to the biological differences. Some people use science as a tool against feminism by stating that, on the grounds of physical strength, women are weak, and therefore, the oppression they have been witnessing was a consequence of this weakness. Such people forget that life battles are not always physical power. In fact many times, it is all about sustaining tough times and reacting at the right time. The same science also states that women are emotionally stronger than men and tend to deal with tense situations in a better way. This trait of a woman, which was supposed to be her biggest strength, has been portrayed as a weakness. Women were made to believe that they are weak and cannot take care of themselves and are always supposed to be dependent on men for survival. This manipulation or stereotype has continued for ages and now it has affected our mindset to an extent that even now, we seek approval from men for ‘feminism’.

Some people use religion as an argument to establish that women are inferior. In Hindu mythology, womankind had always held a respectable status. In Hinduism, a female figure is used to symbolize power. Even today, Goddess Durga is worshipped as a symbol of strength and power and is termed as ‘Shakti’. How the same womankind went to become a symbol of weakness. Where does this weakness come from?

This weakness is nothing but a darkness of unawareness. An unawareness born out of the manipulation that you have been witnessing through ages. When you become self-aware, you see your real strength. When you truly realize and appreciate your strength, the world will see it. It is not a matter of approval from the other gender; it requires you to realize your true potential.

It is important to remember that ‘Feminism’, in no way means that men are any less respectable. They have their strength and you have your own. A combined contribution is what makes society what it is. So respect others as much as you respect yourself.

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